An audience with Pinktricity

Pinktricity coverThird up in our series of interviews with our favourite zine producers, we have Kim Gruschow. Kim is the author of the trivia filled Pinktricity, member of two or three punk bands, notorious karaoke microphone stealer and general sassy lady about town.

Describe an average day:

Up, coffee, bus, bookshop, coffee, bookshop, snack, bookshop, bus, gossip, read, mope, homework, wine, bands, karaoke, sleep.

How did you first get into zines?

Punk music & the wonderful red letter zine distro.

Describe your work:

I make zines concerning the stuff I love most and the stuff I loathe most. Sometimes I use a computer but sometimes a biro. I am fond of pictures. I like lists and reviews. I like to cover fads and people that have long since gone. This may be because I take a long time to make a zine.

What do you like about zines?

They are cheap & accessible to produce and have uncensored, uncompromising charm. I have total control.

Is there anything you don’t like about zines as a medium?

I struggle with photocopier margins ruining my fun.

How do you get inspiration for a zine?

I hang around at karaoke bars a lot of the time.

Tell us about some of your favourite zines:

Murder Can be Fun is all about death and disaster arranged by subjects including Disneyland and sports. Craphound is a joy for magpie-like picture scouts who like to geek out over hundreds of similarly themed pictures. I also love music zines with extensive review sections. I like to sit around ticking off bands that I may be interested in, should I ever seek them out or hear them by chance.

To borrow Kim’s zines, come up to the Zine Collection on the first floor of the Wellington Central Library.

For more info about the WCL Zine Collection, please visit