101 things you wish you could read

Amazon book coverWho would have thought non-fiction would cover so many subjects? 101 things you wish you’d invented — and some you wish no one had enables you to expand your knowledge and learn about everything from the most common everyday object to inventions which changed society. Confessions of an eco sinner : travels to find where my stuff comes from is the story of Fred’s travels accross the world as he searches for traces of his carbon print and finds out more about what it is to be ‘green’. Quiet, please : dispatches from a public librarian is a memoir that challenges “librarian” cliches and gives a surprising and sometimes hilarious look at the lives of the people who work within this famed social institution. Hell and high water is a critique of American environmental and energy policy and a call to action by a writer with a unique command of the science and politics of climate change. McMafia : crime without frontiers is a compelling journey through the new world of international organised crime. And the list goes on! If you are also interested in pirates, honeymoons, prehistoric civilization, sustainable living, organising your own funeral, and body language, then check out our Popular Non-Fiction Recent Picks!

(Book descriptions from Amazon)