It’s the people that matter!

There are plenty of books about business that can help you to be a better manager, or a better employee, and improve the prospects of your company. Built to serve : how to drive the bottom line with people-first practices shows how to unlock the true potential in each individual at your company which in turn drives success. Toyota talent : developing your people the Toyota way shows you how to get the most out of people who live and breathe your company’s philosophy – and who work together toward a common goal. Trump : never give up : how I turned my biggest challenges into success reveals how obstacles can be overcome with hard work, discipline and personal leadership. What does somebody have to do to get a job around here! shares the insider secrets from preparing the resume/cover letter, interviews, offer negotiations, and things to pay attention to after being hired. Yes! : 50 scientifically proven ways to be persuasive illustrates well-researched, scientifically proven methods of influence with many examples and case studies. You can also find out more about customer service, marketing, career management, business coaching and performance strategy in the books featured in this month’s Management Recent Picks.

(Book descriptions from Amazon)