Easy guides to Literature

Amazon book coverWhether you want to write outstanding essays or enjoy the penmanship of famous authors, you can find both at our libraries. How to write better essays and Doing your undergraduate project are two items that will help you impress others with your writing skills. The selected  essays by Virginia Woolf, and The selected essays of Gore Vidal both display the authors’ essay-writing skills across a wide range of subjects. The rough guide to classic novels is a comprehensive guide to the very best in world literature, from the modern novels to the masterpieces of the past. If you ever imagine how Thomas Hardy would write a football report, or what Dan Brown’s visit to the cash dispenser would be like, look no further than the book Pistache. And if you are a fan of Leonard Cohen, Book of longing will satisfy you with witty illustrations and fascinating poetry. Find out more about these books on our Literature Recent Picks’ page, and more about Humanism, Russian poetry, or the Confessions of a fifty something.

(Book descriptions from Amazon)