Healthy mind in a sound body

Amazon book coverYou can never be more aware and in a better health this month ! Life as it is : biology for the public sphere considers from a biological perspective the controversial issues of our world. Proust and the squid : the story and science of the reading brain argues that we were not meant to read and that our brain has changed a lot from the ancient civilizations to our modern times. Remembering trauma examines the issues surrounding how the brain chooses to remember horrific experiences. Your inner pharmacy : taking back our wellness bridges the gap between traditional and alternative medecine and encourages you to adopt a healthy living. Ostheoarthritis helps patients and their carers better understand their condition with a view towards self-management. The world peace diet : eating for spiritual health and social harmony encourages you to be more aware of what you eat and drink in order to be more ‘in tune’ with the world around.  And there are more books to check out in this month’s Health Recent Picks !

(Book descriptions from Amazon)