Secrets for everyday cooking

Amazon book coverIs your day so hectic you don’t have the time to prepare a home-cooked meal? Yum-O! The family cookbook gives you tips and tricks to find time to fit home-made meals into your daily routine. Do you want to make everyday meals flavoursome and healthy while helping out Fairtrade farmers and workers? Sounds like The fairtrade everyday cookbook is for you! Heard about brainfood? ‘Mens sana in corpore sanum’, a sound mind in a sound body, might well be the motto of Google’s chefs when they prepare meals for their company’s’ employees. Food 2.0 : secrets from the chef who fed Google tells you about the newest nutrition buzzword, brainfood, and outlines the basics on how the right foods can transform the mind and body. And finally, if traditional fare is what you prefer, The pie and pastry bible showcases more than two hundred recipes that spell out COMFORT FOOD. You’ll find these titles and much more in this month’s Cooking Recent Picks.

(Book descriptions from Amazon)