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Te Matapihi Ki Te Ao Nui

'Out of Towner'/Annual Subscription

These membership options enable NZ residents* who live outside the Wellington City area to use the services provided by Wellington City Libraries.

  • If you only want to borrow a few items from the library annually we recommend the Out of Towner Membership.
  • If you are likely to borrow from the library frequently we recommend the Annual Subscription Membership.

Subscription Fees:

Out of Towner: Free to register, but $2 charge on all items borrowed. This charge is added to any lending fee e.g. it would cost $3 to borrow a CD - lending fee of $1 + Out of Towner Charge $2 = $3

Annual Subscription: $100 per annum. This one-off fee allows you and your family to use all the resources of our Libraries and websites (including mygateway.info) , including having full borrowing privileges - there is no extra charge added to the usual fees for borrowing rental items, eg. CDs and videotapes.

How to join

  • Join our libraries online - click here for a temporary card number and more details,
  • Get full membership immediately - come to any one of our twelve branches and bring:
    1. ID which shows your name and signature
    2. Something showing your current residential address (e.g. an account)
    3. If you are under 18 you also need to bring your parent or guardian - we need their signature!
    4. You will also be asked to supply the name, address and phone number of another person who knows you well; or

When you have joined

Subscription Library card

You will be given a card similar to this one, which you will need each time you want to borrow items or use our electronic tools.

This card and items borrowed on it are your responsibility

You can use your card at

Non-NZ Residents: Membership of Wellington City Libraries is not available to people who normally reside outside New Zealand.

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